Current DIR® seminars, workshops, information events

Are you a dental laboratory or a dentist and interested in the DIR® Concept? Then please take a look at our upcoming seminars, workshops and information events about DIR® diagnostics and therapy for functional disorders.

For dentists

The 3 success modules of the DIR® concept

Function made easy and safe in the application

           Workshop / 5 FBP

           05. Oktober 2018 Nürnberg
           07. November 2018 Remscheid


  • The exact lower jaw positioning by digital bite adjustment

           Workshop / 6 FBP

         14. November 2018 Remscheid


  • CMD professional for dentists and laboratories

           11 FBP

            07./08. Dezember 2018


  • The DIR® quality seal for dentists        

            9 FBP

           15. Dezember 2018  


  • DIR® System workshop for dental technicians
           dates: on request



For dental technicians

  • The functional DIR® Concept / introductory training for dental laboratories - dates: on request
  • In-house event in the laboratory or practic - dates: on request
  • Refresher – mandatory event for authorised DIR® partner laboratories - Dates: 24. September 2018


Please ask about open dates by calling +49 (0)201-27906090.