There is more to some patients than first meets the eye!

Functional disorders can have grave consequences: migraines, ringing in the ears, tension pains in the facial area, neck, shoulder and back pain, spine and joint discomfort, sleep disturbances, bruxism and snoring. This makes it all the more important that they are detected early on.

Simple, reliable functional diagnostics for every practice. You can now help your patients to detect the cause of their suffering and even prevent future problems. Use FunktioCheck Pro® to detect functional disorders easily, systematically and absolutely reliably.

This method makes functional diagnostics possible even if you're not an expert. Smooth, reliable diagnostics during the initial examination. FunktioCheck Pro® provides every dental practice with the opportunity to carry out efficient functional analysis that is sure to provide a diagnosis. You are guided through the analysis from the very beginning by an easily comprehensible and clearly structured concept.

At the end, the combination of subjective medical history and objective findings provides you with a fully documented diagnosis.

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