If you are experiencing unexplained pain, please ask your dentist!

Whether your pain feels like a tooth problem that hasn’t been discovered immediately, a sinus, neck or spine disorder, overstraining of the jaw, or other side-effects such as sleep disturbances or tinnitus: you need to interpret these pains as alarm signals and take them seriously. Please ask your dentist if you might have a functional disorder of the jaw joint.

You are probably asking yourself, “But why of all things my jaw?

There is only one joint in the entire human body that leaves its socket when it moves: the jaw. A number of fine structures are required in order to carry out this unique movement of the condyle (e.g. when you chew or speak), which makes this area correspondingly sensitive!

Disorders of the jaw joint frequently and classically manifest during chewing (a clicking sound). But they also frequently have to do with the way that we deal with stress: this might be one of the reasons that the incidence of jaw-joint problems is continuously on the rise in this hectic day and age!

But what should you do if you experience problems like these?

Firstly, we urgently recommend that you undergo comprehensive functional TMJ diagnostics at a dental practice, before your teeth, jaw or other parts of your body are permanently damaged. Because – as the good old adage for budding dentists goes: God put diagnosis before therapy!

But the reliable path toward a precise diagnosis and therapy is via manual-clinical and instrumental functional diagnosis: with the DIR® Concept in particular, the patient’s suffering will soon find an end. But functional diagnostics are not the same everywhere. The DIR® Concept, with its scientifically well-founded course of treatment and state-of-the-art medical technology (DIR® System 2) is only offered by specially qualified dentists. This ensures successful treatment..

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